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          Sharing Shojin-Ryori-Japanese Buddhist Vegetarian Cuisine Recipes



Welcome to One Plate Zen English Page

In this page, I will  introduce simple, healthy, and authentic Japanese Zen Buddhist vegetarian recipes you can add to your daily meals.

I will share my life through mindful eating by introducing Zen vegetarian home cooking recipes. 

I have adapted my recipes from the Zen temple in Niigata, Japan, where I was born and grew up.

 I have slightly modified them in light of the availability of ingredients in the U.S.

















What is Shojin Ryori ?

"Shojin Ryori”is a general term for Zen vegetarian cuisine originally referred to the meal prepared for the monks in the monasteries. 

Shojin Ryori does not have a specific method or a form, however it is the basis of modern Japanese cuisine and it has transformed through time. 

Shojin Ryori is vegan with the ingredients centered around soybean products, dried vegetables, fermented foods, and seasonal vegetables. 

Shojin Ryori is not just about with recipes; it is also about your attitude and manner towards cooking with joyful and nurturing heart and mind: to be attentive and to be present in the moment while you cook and eat.


Shojin Ryori involves not only preparing and cooking the meals, but also eating the meals, and cleaning up afterwards.



"Take a moment, breathe, slow down, and be present in the moment."

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 My Home Cooking Photo Album ~Dinner~


               (include some seafood meals)


DSC_0008 27.JPG
DSC_0019 10.jpg

Main/Side Dish

Kurumafu- Nimono  Simmered Wheat Protein

Kabayaki Glazed Mock Eel

Ganmodoki Tofu Patties

Sunomono and Namasu

Eggplant Kabayaki


Asazuke- simple pickles


Know the Ingredients

About Sesame Seeds

What is Miso?


Cooking Tools

Japanese Vegetable Knife

Suri-bachi Grinder Bowl and Grater 

Oroshi-gane Japanese Grater

​Otoshi-buta A Drop Lid


Know the Cooking Methods

Know the Cutting Technique

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